Aconcagua of Patagonia Expedition Japan - Invitation to Deep Andes & Unseen Japan

Quick Facts.

- The highest mountain in South America (6962m).
- Located NW of Argentina, and the gateway town is Mendoza (airport code MDZ).
- The climbing permit is required for climbing or trekking, issued at the ranger office in Mendoza city.
- There are three route to reach the summit,

  1. Normal Route(North West),
  2. Polish Route(North East),
  3. French Route(South).

- Normal Route is an easiest and most popular route of these three.
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Where to go, What to see

Inka Mendoza.jpg
Gate town to Aconcagua.
Climbing permit, guide, equipment, etc available.
Airport code: MDZ

Three type of expeditions for climbing are possible.

  1. Private expedition(FIT)
  2. Private group expedition.
  3. Regular departure expedition.

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