Climbing Skills Session of Patagonia Expedition Japan - Invitation to Deep Andes & Unseen Japan

updated 2018-05-14

Climbing Training Session in Japan mountains

Target mountains and recommended training courses I - III

*Late November to Early April Every year
*Depends on the snow condition.

iwo-dake.jpg[Photo: Mt.Iwo-dake]
Target Category I:
Mönch(4107m), Breithorn(4164m), Allalinhorn(4027m), etc

- Good peaks for your first challenge to 4000m peaks.
- Not technical mountain, but required basic snow techniques.

[Recommended courses]
a) Mt.Fuji winter session,
b) Mt.Tengu-dake climbing,
c) Mt.Iwo-dake climbing,
d) Mt.Karamatsu-dake climbing,

Tsurugi-dake.jpg[Photo: Mt.Tsurugi-dake]
Target Category II:
Mont Blanc(4,808m), Aconcagua(6,962m), Chimborazo(6,268m), etc

- The milestone peaks. Aconcagua is the listed in The Seven Summits. Very good challenge for your mountain experience.
- Required certain snow techniques and physical fitness level.
- Risk of Altitude sickness on 6000m peaks.

[Recommended courses]
a) Mt.Fuji winter session & summiting,
b) Mt.Aka-dake climbing,
c) Mt.Tsurugi-dake climbing,

Mt.Mae-hodaka.jpg[Photo: Mt.MaeHotaka, NorthRidge]
Target Category III:
Matterhorn(4,478m), Eiger(3,970m), etc

- Quite challenging, allowed for real expert only.
- Required both rock & snow techniques, and extreme physical fitness level.
- Support of the good mountain guides advised.

[Recommended courses]
a) Mt.Mae-Hotaka-dake, North ridge route
b) Alpine rock climbing training