Japan Top of Patagonia Expedition Japan - Invitation to Deep Andes & Unseen Japan

Unseen Japan

samurai14days-6.jpgVisit Old-Time Japan
- Unique tours in Japan, such as
* Kumano Ancient Trail (a pilgrimage route crossing the mountains, a real power spot!)
* Old-Time Japan (visit the Japan of Samurai era)
* A spa (Onsen) with 400 years of history.
and more

Climbing Japan

View from Doppyo_peak.jpgClimbing Japan Mountains with Pro-Guide
- Enjoy trekking around the mountains in Japan with professional guide.
* Mt.Fuji (3776m), the highest mountain in Japan.
* Japan Alps range, 2500m - over 3000m peaks
* Yatsugatake (means "Eight Peaks"), up to 2800m peaks.
* Daisetsu range, Shiretoko in Hokkaido
and more
- Climbing Tours: Last Minutes Offers (April/May 2017)