Climbing in Japan of Patagonia Expedition Japan - Invitation to Deep Andes & Unseen Japan

Climbing Tour Information

1) Climbing Mt.Fuji from South Face,
Fujinomiya Trail, Guided Climbing & Family Hiking

Plan-1: Summit challenge 2 days (to Kengamine Point, 3776m)富士山と新幹線DSC_7409 edit.jpg

  • Mountain climbing with guide plan. Not technical but long walk over 3000m. Altitude may affect to your conditions. (Fixed departures & Private tours)
  • - Inquiry / Reservation

Plan-2: Nature Hike 1 day (Vn.Houei Trail, 2500m)
五合目の登り口1 edit.jpg

  • Hiking with guide plan. Easy walk, suitable for family and elder groups. Impressive view of volcanic crater and the Pacific Ocean. (Fixed departures & Private tours)
  • - Inquiry / Reservation

2) Mt.Tsurugi climbing. (The Sword Mountain, 2999m)
+++ Japan Alps Northern range +++

tsurugi2017-1.jpgMt.Tsurugi 2,999masl<Quick fact>

  • Tour code: PZZJ204
  • Grade: Technical and Strenuous.
  • Location: Google Maps link
  • Very popular peak among Japanese climbers.
  • Not for begginers. Basic climbing skills required.
  • Helmet and harness use.
  • Impressive view from the summit.
  • Summer climbing season: July to September
  • Guide language : Japanese / English
  • Meals included : Breakfast x 2, Lunch x 0, Dinner x 2
  • Tour fee : Please ask
  • Highest point during the tour : 3,015m
  • Expected walk time : Day1: 4 hrs, Day2: 7 hrs, Day3: 6 hrs
  • Porters : Not available

tsurugi2017-3.jpgRock Climbing Section

<2017 Summer season Schedule>
*5 departures scheduled in 2017 season

  • Group departure dates Status
  • GRP-1 28-30 July : 1 space remains
  • GRP-2 31 July – 02 August : Full (wait listing)
  • GRP-3 7-9 August : Few spaces remains
  • GRP-4 12–14 September : Available (Autumn special-1)
  • GRP-5 22-24 September : Available (Autumn special-2)

Day1: Meet at MURODOU, hike up to Tsurugi-sawa (Tsurugi Valley). Stay mountain hut.

Day2: Summit day. Tsurugi-sawa – Mt.Tsurugi peak – Tsurugi-sama. Stay at moutain hut.

Day3: Tsurugi-sawa – Mt.Tateyama (3015m) - Murodou. Tour ends.

*Ask us for more details.
*If you need any assist for the approach in/out of the programs, please feel free to contact us, too.

Climbing technique session

winter mountain - akadake.jpgStep up programs to your dreams
Are you dreaming to climb to Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, or The Seven Summits, one day?
You'll need various mountain skills and experience to reach your dream summit.
The mountains in Japan are ideal field to learn the climbing technique, rock, snow, ice, etc.
We provide the suitable climbing session programs for you to learn the specific mountain skills you need.


MtFuji2.jpgThe highest mountain in Japan.
One of the most popular mountain in Japan.
No specific mountain skills required,
However, the certain fitness level recommended against the long walk and thin air.
Fujinomiya Trail - the south face of Mt.Fuji - has easy access from Shinkansen

Japan Alps

nishi-hodaka.jpgOver 3000m rocky peaks
Good challenge for your mountain experience.
Partly technical and can be dangerous, so certain mountain experience and skill required.
Our professional guides will you keep safe, so do not hesitate to challenge to this wonderful massif.
Also, there are many spa around the mountains, so you can enjoy it after climbing!
Climbing season: June - October
Ask us for more information.

Yatsuga-take (=The Eight Peaks)

atlas-Yatsugatake-Akadake.jpg1st step to the Japan mountains
More gentle mountain range.
Easy access, less technical than Japan Alps.
Various routes for beginners to experts.
Good for beginner climbers and family hikers.
Climbing season: May - November

Winter Climbing Training

atlas-Yatsugatake-Akadake Winter.jpgGood training field for the Snow & Ice climbing
The mountains in Japan is quite unique in its difficulty.
Even its easy access (train & bus) and relatively low altitude (2000m - 3000m), the climbing condition will be extremely tough and hard during the winter season, with heavy snow and the strong wind.
It'll be a good step up training for Europe Alps climbing and Himalaya 7000m - 8000m peaks challenge.
There are various grade of climbing route and we'll advise you the suitable mountain for your skill and physical level.
Of course we have very-basic program such as "snow show hike", or "first step of crampones and ice axe use".
Our very experienced guides escort you to the real expedition world.
Winter climbing season: December - March