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updated 2018-05-14

Quick Facts

  • - Patagonia is the southern part of South America and it's shared by both Argentina and Chile.
  • - Gateway airports are Punta Arenas(PUQ) in Chile or El Calafate(FTE) in Argentina.
  • - Trekking routes are various. From just half day short course to full 7days long trail with camping.
  • - The trekking season is November to March, it's the Spring to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Where to go, What to see

The largest trekking field in Patagonia. "Must place" to visit for all the hikers. The trek routes are various from 1-2 hrs short hike to one week long trail. We'll offer you the best trek route to fit your request.

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The most famous glacier in Patagonia. Easy access by bus, well maintained viewing platform prepared. Also, the glacier walk tour available (See photo).

The largest city along the Magellan strait. Punta Arenas airport (PUQ) is the gateway to the Chilean Patagonia travel.

The most popular trekking spot in Argentina side. Trekking to Mt.Fitzroy base camp and Cerro Torre base camp are highlight of the Patagonia trek.